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The focus of the Probation Revocation project was to understand the policies and practices that affect probation revocation and identify potential areas of reform that could lead to better outcomes for people on probation. Researchers compared the legal frameworks of probation across multiple states and reported on a range of probation practices in multiple jurisdictions. While the project was centered on the impact of the revocation decision, the scope of inquiry included earlier stages of the sentencing and probation supervision process in an effort to understand how cases reach the point of revocation and where policy and practice changes could be leveraged to disrupt that pathway. Later work moved to an applied focus as Robina collaborated with jurisdictions on the design and implementation of alternative practices that had the potential to improve probation outcomes. 

Probation Revocation Project Advisory Board

  • Hon. Pamela Alexander, Hennepin County District Court - Judge
  • Barbara Broderick, Maricopa County Arizona - Chief Probation Officer
  • John J. Choi, Ramsey County - District Attorney
  • Martin F. Horn, New York State Sentencing Commission - Executive Director
  • Kay Knapp, Robina Institute - Consultant
  • William J. Leahy, New York State Office of Indigent Legal Services - Director
  • Hon. John T. Lu, Massachusetts Superior Court - Associate Justice
  • Michelle S. Phelps, University of Minnesota Department of Sociology - Associate Professor
  • Jennifer Skeem, UC Berkeley School of Social Welfare - Professor
  • Carl Wicklund, Community Justice Division for Volunteers of America – MN/WI - Director
  • Thomas H. Williams, American Probation and Parole Association - Executive Board Member, Retired

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Cecelia Klingele
External Co-Director, Sentencing Law and Policy Program (2013-2018)
Kelly Lyn Mitchell
Executive Director, Robina Institute; Lecturer in Law, University of Minnesota Law
Kevin R. Reitz
James Annenberg La Vea Land Grant Chair in Criminal Procedure Law
Ebony Ruhland
Assistant Professor, University of Cincinnati; Former Research Director, Robina Institute