Exploring Supervision Fees in Four Jurisdictions in Texas

Texas State Flag

In 2014, the University of Minnesota’s Robina Institute of Criminal Law and Criminal Justice began a multi-state study that was tasked with exploring nationwide variations in the practices and policies of probation violations and revocations. A distinctive finding that grew out of the Robina Institute’s work in two Texas counties was that probation supervision fees play a major role throughout the state. Probationers are required as one of 25 standard conditions to pay supervision fees, and—depending on the case—they may have to pay additional program fees, fines, and restitution. Texas probation departments depend on supervision fees for a large share of their operating budgets, and they are responsible for collecting those fees. 


Suggested Citation: Ruhland, E., Robey, J.,  Corbett Jr., R., & Reitz., K. (2017). Exploring Supervision Fees in Four Probation Jurisdictions in Texas. University of Minnesota Robina Institute of Criminal Law and Criminal Justice.