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Founded in 2011, the Robina Institute of Criminal Law and Criminal Justice is a nonpartisan research institute committed to a criminal justice system that is fair, effective, and accountable. 


The Robina Institute conducts its work by partnering with criminal justice agencies and community groups to study criminal justice issues and develop unique research-informed solutions that serve public safety. Our original research and policy analysis supports practitioners and policymakers as they engage in their work.

The Robina Institute is the only research institute with expertise in all U.S. sentencing guidelines systems. We specialize in sentencing law and policy, community supervision, prison release, and juvenile justice on a national level. Locally, we have extensive expertise in all areas of Minnesota's criminal justice system.


The Robina Institute is led by renowned criminal and juvenile justice faculty who serve as its Board of Directors: Professor Susanna Blumenthal, Professor Richard Frase, Professor of Practice Jon McClanahan Lee, Professor Perry Moriearty, and Professor Kevin Reitz, as well as Executive Director Kelly Lyn Mitchell.


As part of the University of Minnesota Law School, the Robina Institute regularly hires students to serve as Legal and Policy Law Clerks. These opportunities allow students to learn and work beyond the classroom on criminal justice issues with faculty and staff. We also partner with student organizations to hold events that both encourage students to engage with current policy issues and connect them with criminal justice professionals.

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