Probation and Parole Supervision

The Robina Institute partners with probation and parole agencies to assess how supervision conditions are set and enforced, how revocation decisions are made, and how justice-involved individuals manage the requirements of supervision. Our work assists agency partners with identifying and implementing supervision and treatment strategies and provides state stakeholders with policy opportunities that improve the likelihood of success for individuals on supervision.


Ramsey County Community Corrections and the Robina Institute of Criminal Law and Criminal Justice partnered to participate in the Reducing Revocations Challenge, a national initiative of Arnold Ventures and the CUNY Institute for State and…
As part of the Mass Probation and Health project, the Robina Institute led a survey of probation officers aimed at learning about probation officer attitudes and beliefs about the links between probation and health, and how they saw their…
The purpose of the Research in Brief series is to evaluate popular or emerging policy and practice options pertaining to adults in the criminal justice system to determine whether there is an evidence base to support them. The briefs were…