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The Robina Institute of Criminal Law and Criminal Justice publishes a quarterly newsletter that includes information on events, news about faculty and staff, new publications, and more.

Past Issues

Robina News: February 2021

  • New Robina Institute Project Aims to Examine Prison Release Practices During the Pandemic
  • Michelle Phelps and Ebony Ruhland Publish "Governing Marginality: Coercion and Care in Probation" in Social Problems
  • Professor Richard Frase Publishes Guide to the Major Legal Issues Posed by the Pending Prosecutions of the Four Officers Charged With the Death of George Floyd

Robina News: July 2020

  • New Robina Institute Project Will Assist States in Efforts Aimed at Reducing and Controlling Prison Populations
  • Robina Institute Launches “Research in Brief” Series to Evaluate Popular or Emerging Policy and Practice Options in the Criminal Justice System
  • Kelly Mitchell Participated in a Webinar for the National Conference of State Legislatures on the COVID-19 Response in Community Supervision

Robina News: April 2020

  • Richard Frase Discusses New Book in UMN Law School "Faculty Book Bite" Video Interview
  • Executive Director Kelly Mitchell Appears on MPR’s Counter Stories to Discuss Minnesota’s Parole and Probation Policies
  • Perry Moriearty Featured on Wrongful Conviction: False Confessions Podcast

Robina News: December 2019

  • Robina Institute Joins National Challenge to Increase Probation Success and Protect Public Safety
  • The Robina Institute Completes Multi-Year Project to Document How Parole Works in 34 States
  • Richard Frase and Julian Roberts Release New Book, "Paying for the Past: The Case Against Prior Record Sentence Enhancements"

Robina News: August 2019

  • Robina Institute Awarded Over $800K for New Project to Assist the Courts
  • Executive Director Kelly Mitchell Appointed Chair of the Minnesota Sentencing Guidelines Commission
  • New Publication: Levers of Change in Parole Release and Revocation

Robina News: May 2018

  • Robina Institute and Hennepin County Awarded HUP Grant
  • Dr. Ed Rhine honored at APAI
  • New Report: Parole Project Team Provides Technical Assistance to the Kansas Prisoner Review Board

Robina News: March 2018

  • New Sentencing Guidelines Profile: Model Penal Code: Sentencing
  • Campaign to End Juvenile Life Without Parole Recap
  • Probation Revocations from All Sides: Probation, Prosecution, and Defense Considerations Recap
  • New Publication: Profiles in Parole Release and Revocation: Nevada

Robina News: October 2017

  • Grand Challanges Award
  • Sentencing Guidelines Resource Center Redesign
  • New Publication: Sentencing Commissions and Guidelines By the Numbers
  • Read the Robina Blog
  • Conference Recap: Ferguson as a Case Study in Persuasion

Robina News: May 2017

  • New Publications
  • Save the Date for Our Annual Conference
  • Read the Robina Blog

Robina News: December 2016

  • New Publications in Probation Revocation: Hennepin County
  • New Publications in Parole Release & Revocation: Legal Profiles
  • 2016 Annual Conference Recap

Robina News: August 2016

  • New Report: The Continuing Leverage of Release Authorities
  • New Policy Brief: Comparing Criminal History Enhancements
  • New Articles on the Sentencing Guidelines Resource Center


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