Community Corrections Fines and Fees Study

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The Community Corrections Fines and Fees Study is led by University of Cincinnati Assistant Professor Dr. Ebony Ruhland (Principal Investigator). The project is a multi-state, mixed-methods study that examines how fines and fees operate in community corrections (probation and parole) and how fines and fees impact the ability of individuals to succeed on supervision in several U.S. states. Dr. Ruhland leads a team of professors and researchers from Drexel University (Dr. Jordan Hyatt), Indiana University-Bloomington (Dr. Miriam Northcutt Bohmert), the University of Michigan Law School (Dr. Meghan O’Neil), the University of Minnesota Law School (Dr. Julia Laskorunsky and Kelly Lyn Mitchell, Robina Institute), Northeastern University (Dr. Shytierra Gaston), and Rutgers University (Dr. Nathan Link). 

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Kelly Lyn Mitchell
Executive Director, Robina Institute; Lecturer in Law, University of Minnesota Law