Robina Institute of Criminal Law and Criminal Justice

Improving Parole Release in America

Edward E. Rhine, Joan Petersilia, and Kevin R. Reitz

January 26, 2016

Additional Information

The Federal Sentencing Reporter recently published an article written by the Robina Institute’s Parole Release and Revocation Project Director, Edward E. Rhine (Ohio State University), Professor Joan Petersilia (Stanford Law School), and Robina Institute Co-Director Professor Kevin R. Reitz (University of Minnesota Law School) on “Improving Parole Release in America.”

The article “lays out a ten-point program for the improvement of discretionary parole-release systems in America,” and is drawn from “The Future of Parole Release: A Ten-Point Plan,” in Reinventing American Criminal Justice Systems (Michael Tonry ed., forthcoming 2016); draft available at

Suggested Citation: Edward E. Rhine, Joan Petersilia, and Kevin R. Reitz, Improving Parole Release in America, 28 Fed. Sent’g. Rep., 2, 96-104 (2015).

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