Carl Wicklund

Former Director, Volunteers of America, Community Justice Division (Minnesota and Wisconsin)
Man with grey hair and glasses

Carl Wicklund has over 47 years of experience in the corrections/human services field. He is currently Senior Advisor for the Traffic Injury Research Foundation and an independent consultant. Most recently, he was the Community Justice Division Director for Volunteers of America - Minnesota. He served as the Executive Director of the American Probation and Parole Association for 19 years. Previously, he served as the director of a three-county adult and juvenile probation and parole department, as well as developed and managed a variety of community-based, private sector programs for juveniles and adults involved with the justice or social services systems. He has served or is serving on and/or leads numerous nationally oriented advisory groups including the Global Justice Information Sharing Initiative (a federal advisory committee to the U.S. Attorney General) where he was the Vice-Chair and one-time chair of the Privacy and Information Quality Working Group. He has administered over one hundred federally funded grants or cooperative agreements.