Robina Institute of Criminal Law and Criminal Justice

Model Penal Code: Sentencing, Tentative Draft No. 1

May 17, 2007

Additional Information

In Today’s context, certain states have attracted attention by establishing sentencing commissions and sentencing guideline systems that seem to work well and, in many instances, have led to smaller inmate populations. Thus the Tentative Draft draws heavily on state experience and seeks to influence choices that must be made by states that wish to improve current guideline systems as well as states that do not currently have guidelines and wish to adopt them. This is therefore classic ALI work: educated by practices in the 50 states, the project aims to identify the best rules and practices and thus make it easier tfro states to improve their legal systems.

Suggested Citation: Model Penal Code: Sentencing (Am. Law Inst., Tentative Draft No. 1, 2007). 

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