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Michael Santos


Michael Santos is a Director at Federal authorities arrested Michael Santos for trafficking in cocaine in 1987, when he was 23. A federal judge sentenced him to serve 45 years in prison. While locked in federal prisons of every security level, Michael worked consistently to prepare for a law-abiding, contributing life upon release. During the 9,500 days that he served, Michael adhered to a disciplined strategy that required him to focus on educating himself: contributing to society; and building a support network. This strategy led to his earning a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree, and publishing numerous books about the prison experience. Michael concluded his obligation to the Federal Bureau of Prisons on August 12, 2013. San Francisco State University hired Michael as an adjunct professor, and only 17 days after concluding his term, Michael began teaching. In addition to his work in academia, Michael also created a curriculum facilitators in prisons, jails, schools, and centers that confined at-risk populations could use as a teaching resource. Facilitators relied upon the curriculum to teach others how to prepare for law- abiding, contributing lives. During his first year of liberty, Michael and his team at The Michael G. Santos Foundation have partnered with several institutions that rely upon The Straight-A Guide Program to teach others how to reject criminal lifestyles and develop critical thinking skills.