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Mariah Wilberg

Communications Specialist, Minnesota Department of Health

Mariah Wilberg served time at MCF-Shakopee for a drug related offense. While there, she took advantage of educational opportunities and cognitive skills programming to address the issues that led to her incarceration. She was released in 2013 with a deep desire to help people. Her passion led to a career in the human services field, where she provided HIV education and prevention services for several local nonprofits before joining the Minnesota Department of Health as a Communications Specialist for the STD/HIV/TB Section in 2016. 

In May 2017, Mariah graduated summa cum laude from Metropolitan State University with a BA focusing on social welfare. She was an outstanding student finalist for the College of Individualized Studies.

Mariah is a tireless advocate in the community. She serves on the board at Clare Housing, an HIV care organization. Mariah is a recurring volunteer at Ramsey County Correctional Facility Women’s Unit, where she shares her experience with incarceration and reentry. Mariah was invited to speak at a press release, and Senate and House hearings during the 2016 drug sentencing reform passed by the legislature. Mariah also shared her story in a video curriculum designed to reduce recidivism for female inmates produced by Five Stone Media.

Mariah’s professional interests include trauma informed care, social determinants of health, and innovative and holistic strategies to reduce recidivism. She lives in St Paul with her husband.