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Gregory Dillon

Deputy Director, Dallas County Community Supervision and Corrections Department

Dr. Gregory Dillon is a deputy director for the Dallas County Community Supervision and Corrections Department.  The Dallas County CSCD is charged with public protection through the supervision of more than 43,780 offenders.  Dr. Dillon earned a Doctorate of Counseling from Texas Southern University in 2006 and is a Texas Licensed Professional Counselor.  He has worked in the field of community supervision for 21 years, serving 17 years in the state of Texas. 

In 2010, he was a graduate of the American Probation and Parole Association Leadership Institute which led to his nomination as the current Region 12 (Texas) Representative to the APPA Board of Directors and appointment in 2017 to the APPA Executive Board.  He is also active at the state level where he serves on the board of directors for the Texas Probation Association.  Dr. Dillon is an advocate of evidenced-based practices on the local, state and national levels and encourages more focus in the areas of technology, diversity, culture, and professional development.