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The Robina Institute of Criminal Law and Criminal Justice has formed partnerships both locally and nationally to conduct research into probation and parole revocations, criminal history enhancements, and sentencing guidelines systems. Through these partnerships the Robina Institute has been able to conduct original research and collaborate with policymakers, probation and community supervision agencies, sentencing commissions, parole boards, and many more stakeholders. Our unique partnerships span the United States and include local jurisdictions in Minnesota.

"The work of the Robina Institute has been invaluable to those seeking reforms to our criminal justice system. The Robina Institute is currently researching an array of subjects, each of which can have a lasting impact on new approaches to reduce our reliance on mass incarceration and promote efforts at rehabilitation. The staff at the institute are all highly trained professionals, the research is based solely on empirical data, and the outcomes of the research are not based on any pre-conclusion. Finally, the areas of research at the Robina Institute address emerging issues in the field of corrections that have not been the focus of other research projects."

Todd Jermstad
Director – Bell/Lampasas Counties (TX) Community Supervision and Corrections Department

"Since 2014, the Massachusetts Sentencing Commission has been overhauling its 20 year old sentencing guidelines. This complex and difficult task has been assisted by the go-to expertise and technical assistance of the Robina Institute's Executive Director Kelly Mitchell and Professor Richard Frase, along with Professor Kevin Reitz, each of whom participated in numerous telephone calls and conferences, or testified by videoconference or in person to the commission, along with participation of commission members in an onsite conference at the University on the treatment of criminal history in guideline systems."

Judge Jack Lu
The Honorable John T. Lu
Chair Massachusetts Sentencing Commission

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