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Robina's Report The Continuing Leverage of Releasing Authorities and Assoc. Prof. Cecelia Klingele Quoted in Two Recent Articles About Wisconsin's Attempt to Abolish Parole Board

Robina's External Co-Director Cecelia Klingele (University of Wisconsin-Madison) and Robina Institute's report The Continuing Leverage of Releasing Authorities: Findings from a National Survey were quoted and cited in two recent articles from early March regarding Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's proposal to end Wisconsin's parole board system. 
Gov. Scott Walker is proposing to abolish the Parole Commission and grant decision-making authority to one gubernatorial appointee. There are approximately 3,000 inmates serving parole-eligible sentences according the the Wisconsin Dept. of Corrections, but it is unknown how many of those are currently eligible for release. 
The survey report indicates that no state has abolished its parole board in the previous 15 years. Wisconsin was among five states that did not complete the 2015 survey. 
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