Robina Institute of Criminal Law and Criminal Justice

Robina Executive Director Participates in Inaugural Meeting of Minnesota's Prison Population Task Force

Robina Institute Executive Director, Kelly Mitchell, was invited to join the Prison Population Task Force, co-chaired by Senator Ron Latz and Representative Tony Cornish. The task force kicked off Friday, September 25, and is comprised of policy makers, practitioners, lawyers, judges, community stakeholders, the general public, and others. Briefly, the taskforce is an advisory group, designed to provide a public discussion on issues facing the Department of Corrections prior to the next legislative session. While the overall rate of prison populations is declining, nationally, Minnesota’s prison population is on the rise. The first task force meeting focused on outlining the current situation with the prison population in Minnesota, laying out how the task force will assist in brainstorming and narrowing down proposals, and setting the agenda for issues to be addressed in subsequent meetings.