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Professor Richard Frase Honored at NASC

Robina Institute Co-Director, Professor Richard S. Frase, was recognized on Monday, August 4, by the National Association of Sentencing Commissions (NASC) as the 2014 Rick P. Kern Memorial Keynote Speaker. In 2012, NASC established the Rick P. Kern Memorial Award and Keynote Address to recognize an individual who has contributed greatly to the development of sentencing policy and research.

Richard S. Frase is the Benjamin Berger Professor of Criminal Law at the University of Minnesota Law School. He teaches criminal law, criminal procedure, and the federal defense clinic, and various seminars, including one on sentencing. His scholarship examines Minnesota and other state sentencing guidelines, punishment and proportionality theories, criminal procedure in the U.S. and abroad, and comparison of sentencing law and practice in United States and in other nations. He is the author or co-author of eight books and over seventy articles and essays on these topics, including his most recent book entitled Just Sentencing: Principles and Procedures for a Workable System, in which Professor Frase describes and defends a hybrid sentencing model that integrates theory and practice, blending and balancing both the competing principles of retribution and rehabilitation and the procedural concern of weighing rules against discretion. NASC recognized Professor Frase for his continued work and devotion to the topic of sentencing, and his unwavering support for NASC and its principles.

The Rick P. Kern Memorial Award was named after Richard P. Kern, the Director of the Virginia Criminal Sentencing Commission and a great friend to NASC, who passed away in 2011. Richard P. Kern was the Director of the Virginia Criminal Sentencing Commission from its creation in 1994 until his passing. During his career, Dr. Kern served as the Director of the Virginia Criminal Justice Research Center, and the Research Director for the Governor’s Commission on Parole Abolition and Sentence Reform. Dr. Kern served as a member of the NASC Executive Committee where he provided great direction to NASC. He was a tremendous advocate for sentencing guidelines, sentencing reform, and data-driven decision making. He left a lasting legacy in Virginia and in the national sentencing community.

NASC is a non-profit organization that was created to facilitate the exchange and sharing of information, ideas, data, expertise, and experiences and to educate on issues related to sentencing policies, guidelines and commissions.