Robina Institute of Criminal Law and Criminal Justice

Professor Richard Frase Delivers Keynote at United States Sentencing Commission Meeting

Washington, D.C. (10/15/15) At a meeting convened on October 15, 2015 in Washington, D.C. by the United States Sentencing Commission, Professor Richard Frase delivered the keynote address on an, "Overview of State Sentencing Guidelines," and then participated in an all-day discussion of differences between sentencing guidelines systems adopted in seventeen states and the guidelines system currently operating in the federal courts. The federal commission wanted to learn more about state guidelines rules and practices. Professor Frase's address provided an overview of state systems, drawing on his studies of Minnesota and other state guidelines for over 30 years. Robina Institute Executive Director Kelly Mitchell was also one of the select invited participants, along with one or more representatives from a number of guidelines states. Ms. Mitchell's comments drew upon her prior work as Executive Director of the Minnesota Sentencing Guidelines Commission. Professor Frase and Ms. Mitchell were also able to provide an up-to-date multi-jurisdictional perspective on guidelines reforms as a result of the research and materials collected as part of the Institute's Sentencing Guidelines Resource Center.