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The Robina Institute of Criminal Law and Criminal Justice is dedicated to bringing theory and practice together to achieve transformative change in punishment policies and practices in the criminal justice system. The Institute works locally with criminal justice agencies and the Minnesota Legislature on issues such as probation revocation practices and criminal offenders with mental illness. Our work also concentrates nationally on Sentencing Law and Policy, including sentencing guidelines, probation revocation practices, and parole release and revocation decision-making.

Through collaboration, original research, and legal education, the Institute's focus on sentencing law and policy has led to significant impacts, outcomes, and achievements in this area. Included below are some brief examples of our current work:

  • Establishing The Sentencing Guidelines Resource Center, a national, online resource on sentencing guidelines systems across the country. The Sentencing Guidelines Resource Center is the only resource of its kind dedicated to providing in-depth information on sentencing guidelines in the United States.

  • Developing collaborative partnerships with seven jurisdictions to research probation revocation practices in the U.S., including the Bell County (Texas) Community Supervision and Corrections Department; the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Massachusetts Probation Services; Matagorda and Wharton County (Texas) Community Supervision and Corrections Department; the New York City Department of Probation; Hennepin County, Minnesota Adult Probation Offices; Ramsey County, Minnesota Adult Probation Offices; and the Minnesota Department of Corrections' supervision district in Marshall, Minnesota. Our partnerships and research in this area are ongoing. Some jurisdictions have used the Institute's findings to examine and update practices, such as assessing the use of fines and fees and consideration of adopting progressive sanctions and incentives grids. 

  • Designing and disseminating a National Survey of Releasing Authorities to gain a better understanding of how parole release and revocation decision-making functions in the United States. This survey has resulted in the publication of a full report of our findings in The Continuing Leverage of Releasing Authorities: Findings from a National Survey.

  • Publishing a comprehensive resource on criminal history enhancements. The Criminal History Enhancements Sourcebook provides a detailed examination of how prior criminal convictions impact the sentencing decision, and how collectively these decisions contribute to the problems of mass incarceration. This publication has been used by practitioners, judges, policymakers, sentencing commissions, and others. 

  • Engaging the public by hosting national conferences and public events on criminal justice issues related to our work, including criminal justice and mental illness, racial disparities in criminal justice, the realties of life on probation and parole, juvenile life without parole, and many, many others.

We are asking for your support today so that we may continue the work that was started in 2011 by a generous founding gift from the Robina Foundation. James H. Binger (UMN Law School, Class of 1941) created the Robina Foundation with the mission of funding major institutions that generate transformative ideas and promising approaches to address critical social issues. We are so grateful for this founding gift that has allowed us to accomplish so much. 

The duration of the founding gift from the Robina Foundation ends in June of 2018, and we need your support to continue moving forward with this important work.

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