Robina Institute of Criminal Law and Criminal Justice

Conference Re-Cap Criminal History Enhancements

The Robina Institute of Criminal Law and Criminal Justice published the Criminal History Enhancements Sourcebook in August 2015. Following the publication of the Sourcebook, the Robina Institute invited 29 Chairs, Executive Directors, and Members, representing 16 Sentencing Commissions from across the United States to attend the October 2015 Criminal History Enhancements Sourcebook Conference.  Sourcebook authors facilitated the conference and discussed various issues related to criminal history enhancements in the United States. The Sourcebook is authored by Professor Richard S. Frase, Visiting Professor Julian V. Roberts, Robina Institute Post-Doctoral Fellow Rhys Hester; and Robina Institute Executive Director Kelly Lyn Mitchell.

Following this conference, Kelly Mitchell and Rhys Hester were honored to be invited to the Kansas Sentencing Commission annual workshop in November to present on theSourcebook. At this meeting the Kansas Sentencing Commission makes determinations and decides and/or recommendations for changes in sentencing to the Kansas State Legislature.

The Sourcebook is a unique resource and brings together, for the first time, information on criminal history enhancements in all existing U.S. sentencing guidelines systems. Building on this base, the Sourcebook examines major variations in the approaches taken by these systems, and identifies the underlying sentencing policy issues raised by such enhancements.

To download the full text of the Sourcebook or learn more about the Robina Institute’s Criminal History Enhancements Project, visit the Criminal History Enhancements Project page.