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Race and Crime

Race and Crime

August 27, 2012

"Race and Crime," Jeffrey Fagan, Columbia University, presented as part of The Robina Annual Conference "Crime and Justice in America, 1975-2025," on Thursday, April 26, 2012 at the University of Minnesota Law School.

Jeffrey Fagan is the nation’s leading authority on racial profiling by the police. Recent work examines capital punishment, race and policing, adolescent crime, and perceived legitimacy of the criminal law. He has served on the Committee on Law and Justice of the National Academy of Sciences and on the MacArthur Foundation's Research Network on Adolescent Development and Juvenile Justice. Fagan is a frequent expert witness in racial profiling litigation and author of amicus briefs to the U.S. Supreme Court. He can be seen providing commentary on the legal and social implications of sentencing juveniles to life without parole in the PBS Frontline episode, “When Kids Get Life.”

"Crime and Justice in America, 1975-2025," was made possible by support from the Robina Foundation and the National Institute of Justice.