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Rethinking Sexual Offenses

Rethinking Sexual Offenses

9:00am University of Minnesota Humphery School

Criminal laws, procedures and policies regarding sexual offenses have changed dramatically in recent decades: the offense of rape has been redefined (or replaced by “sexual assault”; “rape shield” laws protect victims against oppressive cross-examination; specialized units deal with the investigation and prosecution of sexual offenses; prostitution laws are being rethought and reformed. Such reforms have not, however, accomplished the social transformations to which reformers aspired.  This workshop recognizes a need to rethink sexual offenses more broadly, in relation to both substantive and procedural law: it aims to foster critical, interdisciplinary, international, and integrated policy-oriented study of sexual offenses, enabling criminal justice policy-makers, practitioners, and scholars to engage one another in ways that inform their understanding of what they are doing, of what needs to be done and of how it can be done.


Friday April 5


Stuart Green, “Sexual Offenses: A Taxonomy”


Marc Spindelman, “Thinking Male Sexual Victimization Under Law”


Donald Dripps, “The Dilemma of Punishment Deficits in an Overly Punitive System, or, Rape Law Reform Meets Mass Incarceration”


Leslie Green, “Social Morality and Sexual Offenses”


Fionnuala Ni Aolain, “Gendered Harms and their Interface with International Criminal Law: Norms, Challenges, and Domestication”


MN Sex Offender Civil Commitment Advisory Task Force, “Presentation and Discussion: Civil Commitment of Sex Offenders”

Saturday April 6


Janine Benedet, “Learning from the Experience of Canadian Sexual Assault Law Reform”


Kieran McCartan, “The Reality of Community Understandings of Sexual Violence: Rethinking Public, Practitioner, and Policy Discourses”


Michelle Dempsey, “Prosecuting Rape: Toward a Normative View of Evidential Sufficiency”

Speakers & Moderators

  • Janine Benedet Janine Benedet

    Professor, University of British Columbia

  • Michelle Madden Dempsey Michelle Madden Dempsey
  • Donald Dripps Donald Dripps

    Professor of Law

  • Leslie Green Leslie Green

    Professor of the Philosophy of Law

  • Stuart P. Green Stuart Green

    Professor, Rutgers School of Law

  • Kieran McCartan Kieran McCartan
  • Fionnuala Ní Aolain Fionnuala Ní Aolain

    Professor, University of Minnesota Law

  • Marc Spindelman Marc Spindelman

    Professor, Moritz College of Law


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