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Preventive Justice

Preventive Justice

12:45pm to 12:00pm University of Minnesota Law School, Lindquist and Vennum Conference Room

Although the reasons and justifications for state punishment have been explored extensively, the scope, limits, and principles of preventive justice have attracted little analysis or critical scrutiny, except in relation to measures to prevent terrorism. Professors Andrew Ashworth and Lucia Zedner of Oxford University are focusing on preventive justice issues as part of a three-year project funded the U.K. Arts and Humanities Research Council. The project aims to develop a set of principles and values that can provide a framework for all forms of coercive preventive measures.

The Preventive Justice workshop brought together scholars from the United States and abroad to discuss some of the themes of this project.

“There are good reasons to justify the state in authorizing the use of coercion to protect the public from harm,” Ashworth and Zedner said. “But recent years have seen a proliferation of preventive measures that alter the boundaries of criminal liability and blur the historic division between the criminal and civil law. These new measures allow the civil law to be used for criminal law purposes but without the protections normally provided to defendants.”


Friday, Sept. 21


Andrew Ashworth, “Distinguishing Punishment from Prevention and Regulation” (Commentator: Alice Ristrophe)


Susan Dimock, “Risk, Crime and Prevention” (Commentator: Patrick Tomlin)


David Cole, “The Preventive Turn in US Counterterrorism and Its Spillover into Criminal Justice” (Commentator: Alex Walen)


Kim Ferzan, “Preventive Justice and the Presumption of Innocence” (Commentator: Sharon Dolovich)

Saturday, Sept. 22


Allegra McLeod, “Sexual Harm, Political Emotion, and Criminal Law Reform” (Commentator: Malcolm Thorburn)


Stuart Green, “Preventive Justice and Vice Crimes” (Commentator: Claire Finkelstein)


Lucia Zedner, “Detaining the Dangerous: A Comparative Jurisprudence of Preventive Detention” (Commentator: Hamish Stewart)

Speakers & Moderators

  • Andrew Ashworth Andrew Ashworth

    Fall 2012 Robina Visiting Professor

  • Lucia Zedner Lucia Zedner

    Professor, Corpus Christi College, Oxford University

  • David Cole David Cole

    Professor, Georgetown University Law

  • Susan Dimock Susan Dimock

    Professor , York University Philosophy

  • Kim Ferzan Kim Ferzan

    Professor, Rutgers School of Law

  • Allegra McLeod Allegra McLeod

    Associate Professor of Law, Georgetown University

  • Stuart P. Green Stuart P. Green

    Distinguished Professor of Law and Nathan L. Jacobs Scholar


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