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The Presumption of Innocence

The Presumption of Innocence

10:30am University of Minnesota Law School

The presumption of innocence was famously described as the ‘golden thread’ running ‘throughout the web’ of the criminal law. It is usually asserted, and discussed, in the context of the criminal trial, as laying on the prosecution the burden of proving the defendant’s guilt. But controversies persist, both about the meaning and implications of the presumption of innocence within the criminal trial, and about what roles, if any, it should play beyond that context. This workshop brought together historians, philosophers, legal scholars and practitioners from across the US and around the globe to discuss developments in criminal justice that raise new questions about the role of the presumption of innocence in contemporary criminal law.


Friday, May 4


Richard Lippke, The Prosecutor and the Presumption of Innocence (Commentators Chad Flanders and Zach Hoskins)


Hamish Stewart, A Foundation for the Presumption of Innocence (Commentators: Donald Dripps and Michelle Mason)


JaneAnne Murray, The Presumption of Guilt and Its Obligations (Commentators: Michelle Madden Dempsey and Josh Bowers)


Carl-Friedrich Stuckenberg, Who is Presumed Innocent of What by Whom?(Commentators: Leo Zaibert and Antony Duff)


Kim Ferzan, Prevention, Proof and the Presumption of Innocence (Commentators: Liz Campbell and Jeff Brown)

Saturday, May 5


Shima Baradaran, The Presumption of Punishment (Commentators: James Chamlers and Susanna Blumenthal)


Roger A. Shiner, Corporations and the Presumption of Innocence (Commentators: Francois Tanguay-Renaud and Neha Jain)


Sherman Clark, The Juror, The Citizen, and The Human Being: The Presumption of Innocence and the Burden of Judgement (Mary Sigler and Massimo Renzo)

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