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Criminal Responsibility and Its History

Criminal Responsibility and Its History

10:15am University of Minnesota Law School

Is criminal behavior a sign of bad character, or is it evidence of mental incapacity? As corrections officials put it, are criminals bad or mad? This workshop centered on the recent work of Oxford University’s Nicola Lacey, one of the world’s foremost legal scholars, and brought together renowned legal theorists, historians, and philosophers to discuss how conceptions of responsibility have changed and what it means to hold offenders responsible. 


Friday, April 13


Nicola Lacey, The Resurgence of Character: Criminal Responsibility in the Context of Criminalization (Commentators David Sklansky and Sandra Marshall)


Thomas Green, The Jury and Criminal Responsibility in Anglo-American History(Commentators: Jonathan Simon and Dan Richman)


Nicole Vincent, A Compatibilist Theory of Legal Responsibility (Commentators: Gary Watson and Mireille Hildebrandt)


Elizabeth Papp Kamali, Felionia Felonice Facta: Felony and Intentionality in Medieval England (Commentators: Lindsay Farmer and Antony Duff)


Ekow Yankah, Republican Responsibility and Republican Rights (Commentators: Frieder Vogelmann and George Pavlich)

Saturday, April 14


Alan Norrie, Ethics and History: Can Critical Lawyers Talk of Good and Evil?(Commentators: Martha Umphrey and Arlie Loughnan)


Joel Eigen, The Name’s the Thing: The Dynamics of Diagnoses in late Victorian Forensic Psychiatry (Commentators: Susan Rozelle and Annie Hill)


Susanna Blumenthal, Character, Capacity, and the Making of Responsible Persons(Commentators: Nicola Lacey and Sarah Holtman)

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