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Collateral Sanctions on Ex-Offenders

Collateral Sanctions on Ex-Offenders

2:00pm University of Minnesota Law School

More than 1.5 million people in the United States completed terms of punishment in 2010. We speak of these people as having been held responsible for their crimes, as having paid their debts to society. But in practice, they continue to be subject to a variety of restrictive policies, policies that restrict their access to public housing, some forms of employment, public assistance, the vote, and many other goods. Although there is a vast literature addressing questions surrounding the justification of punishment (whether and when it’s justified, why, how much, by whom, etc.), the underlying normative questions raised by collateral sanctions on ex-offenders have received much less attention. 

Please note: Because of room capacity, space is limited for this workshop. 


Tentative Agenda

Friday, March 1


Nora Demleitner, “Collateral Sanctions in the United States and Europe: Retroactivity and Proportionality”


Elena Larrauri, “Employment disqualification: punishments or collateral consequences of a sentence?”


Sonja Starr, “Do Criminal Record Set-Asides Affect Employment Outcomes and Recidivism?”


Zach Hoskins, “Reconsidering Collateral Sanctions as Punishments”


Wayne Logan, “Informal Collateral Consequences”

Saturday, March 2


Mary Sigler, “Defending Disenfranchisement”


Chris Bennett, “Penal Disenfranchisement”

Speakers & Moderators

  • Christopher Bennett Christopher Bennett

    Senior Lecturer, University of Sheffield Department of Philosophy

  • Nora Demleitner Nora Demleitner

    Dean and Professor of Law, Washington & Lee University

  • Zach Hoskins Zach Hoskins

    Assistant Professor, University of Nottingham

  • Elena Larrauri Elena Larrauri

    Professor, Universitat Pompeu Fabra

  • Wayne A. Logan Wayne A. Logan

    Professor of Law, Florida State University

  • Mary Sigler Mary Sigler

    Associate Dean and Professor, Arizona State University College of Law

  • Sonja Starr Sonja Starr

    Assistant Professor of Law, University of Michigan


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