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  • Court House
    The Parole Revocation Problem
    After decades of upward trajectory, prison populations have finally stabilized – and even slightly decreased. This is due to a number of trends and policy changes, such as the repeal of state mandatory minimum laws, a reduction in violent crime, and in some cases, the...
  • Prison Tower
    Incarcerated Mothers in Minnesota: Opportunities for Education and Intervention
    Introduction     Numerous research studies have examined differences between men and women and their “pathways in and out of incarceration”1 2.  As a result, it is now well understood that women often come to prison with particular burdens—they have much higher rates of...
  • Law Books
    The Lesson of Meek Mill: A Probation System 'Set Up to Fail'
    This post is also published on The Crime Report Meek Mill, winner of the 2016 Billboard Music Award for Top Rap Album, made news in November when he was sentenced to two to four years in prison for violating probation. The judge cited a series of supervision violations...
  • Ivy Pillar
    What Purpose Should Probation Serve? Looking to Other Alternatives
    Many agree that probation is a good alternative to incarceration. There are several noteworthy benefits to probation: probation keeps individuals in the community and is more cost-effective compared to incarceration. With calls to decrease mass incarceration, it may make...
  • Erin Harbinson
    The Importance of Coming Together: Sharing and Discussing Research at the Annual Meeting of the American Society of Criminology
    The Robina Institute of Criminal Law and Criminal Justice is dedicated to engaging in research and education that intersects with policy and practice, specifically, in the areas of sentencing, probation, and parole. Each year, staff at the Robina Institute look forward...
  • Richard Frase
    Prior Record Enhancements: High Costs, Uncertain Benefits
    An offender’s record of prior convictions is a major sentencing factor in all sentencing systems, including all U.S. jurisdictions with sentencing guidelines -- offenders in the highest criminal history category often have recommended prison sentences many times longer...