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This blog provides timely updates and commentary on issues in sentencing law, criminal justice policy and practice, and other related issues in the field of criminal justice.

  • Lady Justice HQ
    Improving Legacy Sentencing Practices; Massachusetts adopts first new sentencing guidelines in 21 years
    Introduction In early 2018, Massachusetts released its first new sentencing guidelines in 21 years.  This was, if nothing else, a major overhaul incorporating the progress we’d like to believe we’ve made in understanding sentencing.  Even without much time to mull over...
  • Lady Justice
    Bail Reform in California
    In August, Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation that abolishes cash bail in the state of California. The legislation contains several important features. First, it eliminates bail schedules, which tie bail amounts to the charged offense, and, as currently utilized in...
  • Law Books
    Risk Assessment and Implementation
    Recently, I wrote about risk assessment for attorneys.  In the past, when I have worked with correctional agencies or conducted research on risk assessment, my focus has been to explain how risk assessments are used to predict reoffending.  Or, sometimes the focus was on...
  • Ivy Pillar
    Deportation, Recidivists and Rehabilitation
    The rhetoric of criminality against non-citizens, especially in the context of immigration enforcement has long historical roots.1 description of a group as “criminals” is a common tactic to justify harsh, even shocking treatment, so it should be no surprise that such...
  • Law School Mondale Hall Sunrise
    The Minnesota Justice Foundation Celebrates Twenty Years of Street Law
    The Minnesota Justice Foundation (MJF) is a nonprofit organization founded in 1982 by University of Minnesota Law School students concerned about the decreasing availability of legal services for low-income Minnesotans. MJF strives for justice by creating opportunities...
  • Ivy Pillar
    Perspectives on Probation Revocation Practices: The Challenges of Applying Risk, Need, and Responsivity in the Real World
    As a researcher who studies the effectiveness of community supervision practices and policies on reducing reoffending, it can be easy at times to focus on the “what works” literature and simply compare to where the field aligns with this research.  But often, in the...