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Probation Revocation

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The Robina Institute’s Probation Revocation Project partnered with city, county, and state jurisdictions to conduct research of community supervision and probation revocation practices in the United States. Outcomes of the first phase of this research included the publication of legal profiles in Profiles in Probation Revocation: Examining the Legal Framework in 21 States, and publication of jurisdiction reports that include a close examination of probation practices, policies and procedures, data collection, as well as interviews with probation officers, probationers, judges, prosecutors, and public defenders to provide a comprehensive picture of how these specific jurisdictions manage probation and probation revocation practices. Additionally, the Probation Revocation Project partnered with select jurisdictions to assist with improving practices such as providing an analysis of fees and fines, and assisting with developing sanctions and incentive grids for probation management. 

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