Robina Institute of Criminal Law and Criminal Justice

Report: Releasing Authority Chairs: A Comparative Snapshot Across Three Decades

May 22, 2017

Additional Information

This report provides a comparative analysis of releasing authority chairs' views of the issues and challenges confronting them at two points in time: 1988 and 2015. Drawing from two surveys, one conducted during the tenure of an ACA Parole Task Force that functioned from 1986-1988, and the other a survey published in 2016 by the Robina Institute called The Continuing Leverage of Releasing Authorities: Findings from a National Surveythis new publication highlights both change and constancy relative to a wide range of comparative markers including, but not limited to, structured decision tools, prison crowding and risk aversion, and the myriad factors considered in granting or denying parole.

Suggested citation: Kaleena J. Burkes, Edward E. Rhine, Jason P. Robey, and Ebony L. Ruhland,  Robina Inst. of Criminal Law & Criminal Justice, Releasing Authority Chairs: A Comparative Snapshot Across Three Decades (2017).

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