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Kim Bingham

Assistant Director of the Criminal Division, Ramsey County Attorney’s Office (RCAO)

Kim E. Bingham is currently serving as the Assistant Director of the Criminal Division of the Ramsey County Attorney’s Office (RCAO).  Ms. Bingham started her employment with RCAO in 1979.  She has worked in the civil division, human services division, juvenile division, criminal division, and the administrative division.  She has particular expertise in the area of mental commitments including psychopathic personalities and sexually dangerous persons.  Ms. Bingham also has drafted legislation and advocated for laws involving mental commitments and sexual assault. 

Ms. Bingham currently supervises attorneys, the fraud unit, and oversees community prosecution for the office.  She is also the prosecuting attorney for all of the Ramsey County Treatment Courts.  They include Adult Substance Abuse Court, Mental Health Court, DWI Court, and Veterans Treatment Court.