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James Reilly

Probation Officer, Ramsey County Mental Health Court

James Reilly is a Probation Officer with the Ramsey County Mental Health Court. He has worked in the criminal justice system since 2002 after receiving a degree in Criminology/Sociology.  He has been a probation officer for 12-years. He has supervised juveniles and adults who have been sentenced to probation services. In 2012, he graduated  from St. Catherine/University of St. Thomas with a Masters of Social Work.  After receiving his MSW, he provided mental health services at the Ramsey County Correctional Facility, to include: psychotherapy, crisis intervention, group therapy, and training to the adult field probation officers of Ramsey County on mental health.  In June 2015, he became the probation officer of the Ramsey County Adult Mental Health Court, where he currently supervises a caseload of 35-40 clients who have been sentenced to the Mental Health Court.