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  • MPC

    The American Law Institute Approves Model Penal Code: Sentencing

  • Robina In Conversation

    Robina In Conversation

    Women in Prison in Minnesota: Voices of Hope from Within Prison Walls

  • Supervision Fees Slider

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    Exploring Supervision Fees in Four Jurisdictions in Texas

  • Jail Cell Hand on Bar

    Robina In Conversation

    Ethical Issues in Criminal Defense of Clients with Mental Illness

  • Court House

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    View the video of Robina's In Conversation "Lessons from Mental Health Court"

  • Report Cover Image for Probation Revocation

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    Probation Revocation and Its Causes: Hennepin County

  • National Survey

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    The Continuing Leverage of Releasing Authorities: Findings from a National Survey

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