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Robina In Conversation Series

Community Engagement Around Sexual Offending

3:00pm University of Minnesota Law School

Sexual offenders, especially child sexual abusers, are among the most reviled and ostracized offenders in society; which makes their reintegration into and their management within the community problematic. The reintegration of sex offenders back into the community has always been a difficult balancing act between risk management and public protection, requiring the engagement of various criminal justice agencies. What, though, is the role of the community in this process?

With the development of formal and informal sex offender disclosure strategies, members of the public are becoming more informed about who are local sex offenders. The role of the public in the management, regulation and reintegration of offenders has the potential to increase given the current austerity cuts and reforms in criminal justice policy happening globally.

On Wednesday, April 10, 2013, Robina Visiting Scholar Kieran McCartan (University of the West of England) will discuss contemporary attitudes and discourses around child sexual abuse, including community perceptions, how they are formed, and how they affect policy and practice. In conversation with McCartan will be Robina Institute Fellows John Stuart (MN State Public Defender) and Jeff Edblad (Isanti County Attorney).  The discussion will be moderated by Perry Moriearty (Univ of MN Law).  

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  • Kieran McCartan
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  • Perry Moriearty
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  • Kieran McCartan Kieran McCartan

    Robina Visiting Scholar

  • Jeff Edblad Jeff Edblad

    Robina Visiting Fellow

  • John Stuart John Stuart

    Robina Visiting Fellow

  • Perry Moriearty Perry Moriearty

    Associate Professor, University of Minnesota

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